Rooftop Dining at Winston

Fall weather is upon us, and for many, that means enjoying some of your favorite cool-weather comfort food. Coinciding with the change in season, Mount Kisco restaurant Winston has rolled out its new fall menu, one complete with food and drinks that will fill your pumpkin-loving heart with joy.


How perfect is this outdoor patio on the restaurant’s second floor? There were a number of groups hanging out, enjoying cocktails and chatting on what was a perfect fall day in October.


I’d never been to Winston before, but after my visit, every friend I told about this gem responded with, “Oh, isn’t it fantastic!?”DSC_0314

These vegetable spring rolls were such a fun, unexpected menu item, with shiitake mushroom, taiwan cabbage, thai chili, cilantro, carrot and a sweet chili remoulade

For the new menu, French Culinary Institute-trained chef Michael Williams is presenting new options like chipotle-encrusted cod and Asian braised pork shank, along with fall-finessed versions of popular offerings like the Hudson Valley magret duck breast and pan-seared diver scallops.

DSC_0358Don’t ask me to tell you what my favorite was of the entrees we tried. Duck was perfectly juicy, the pork basically melted in my mouth and scallops were crisp on the outside and smooth on the inside.DSC_0345

A favorite of many on the menu, the cod received the fall infusion thanks to butternut squash and roasted Brussels sprouts.


Beef carpaccio was not only delicious, but also absolutely gorgeous. I loved the addition of arugula to add a fresh, lighter touch.


The beef negimaki blew my wool socks off, with grilled asparagus and scallions wrapped in thinly sliced beef.


Crisp, doughy potato dumplings were another standout- given a fall twist with butternut squash and hazelnut.


I’m a sucker for any dessert that combines hot with cold, and this apple tart was no exception.


An assortment of fall-inspired cocktails are also available. I sipped on a zesty, pumpkin mojito before sampling an herbed pear cocktail. DSC_0360A Kentucky cider was the perfect way to warm up on a cool night on Winston’s outdoor patio, taking in the changing colors of the leaves that ushered in a new season.DSC_0307


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