AleesiaEats #Whole30: Day 3

Remember when I was like ‘Oh, this isn’t going to be that hard… Maybe on the weekend it will be, but otherwise, I’ve got this!’


Yeah. I was definitely kidding myself.


Today was rough. Not like, unmanageable rough. But still. Rough.


We had a huge snowstorm, so I worked from home. Maybe that was a good thing. Since everything was closed, I couldn’t eat takeout or pick up junk food from the store even if I wanted to!


I added hot sauce to my breakfast this morning, which was a total gamechanger. I usually stay away from anything as spicy as that, but the added flavor was just what I needed to change it up a bit. I also ate my extra prepped breakfast for lunch, again with hot sauce.


For dinner, I pulled out my Instant Pot for the first time! It’s honestly a bit of an intimidating machine, but I think once I get the hang of it, being able to have excellently-cooked meat in less than an hour will become a God-send.DSC_0628

What I Ate

Eggs, kale, sweet potato hash

Eggs, kale, sweet potato hash

Pulled pork lettuce bowls

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