Stone Fire in Mount Kisco


Oh, Stone Fire. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

IMG_0542The neo-Italian eatery takes up residence in the former home of 251 Lex and brands itself as “Italian Eats, Urban Drinks.” It’s got an intimate, industrial vibe, with dim lighting, metal chairs and fixtures and a large wood-fired pizza oven in the rear. The crowd was a mix of couples of varying ages, families enjoying a dinner out and some larger groups who seemed to be colleagues (not like I was eavesdropping or anything…) It was a comfortable, laid-back vibe that I really enjoyed.


  1. The Truffle Mac & Cheese. Sonnets could be written to this excellent appetizer. I usually think of myself as a super cheesey mac & cheese type gal, but this dish may have converted me. Creamier than most adaptations, the sauce was delectable, and I was literally scraping the bowl with my fork. And the house-made noodles. GIRL. THE HOUSE-MADE NOODLES. The radiatori noodles allowed each bite to be completely drenched in the sauce, but the noodles themselves were fantastic. When you start your meal on a high note, it’s hard not to feel equal parts excited.. And apprehensive. Will the rest of the dishes compare? Have we already hit a homerun, only to be let down? Yeah, let’s just say, we needn’t have worried.IMG_0516


  1. Chicken Parmigiana. Chicken parm was lightly breaded, something I totally appreciate, and was served with a thick slice of melted mozzarella cheese.The sauce was fantastic, both light and fresh. But, I’m going to be honest, the real standout was again the homemade noodles, which were tossed in a seemingly simple butter sauce, but somehow managed to be the best bowl of pasta I’ve had in Westchester. There was something so simple, yet so flavorful, about these noodles that had me swooning about them all night- and to basically anyone I’ve spoken with since my trip there. I’m guessing the idea was to mix the noodles and chicken, but honestly, each were so fantastic on their own, that pairing them into a single bite seemed somehow selfish.IMG_0527


  1. Rustico Pizza. We had a hard time choosing what pizza we wanted to order, but decided on the Rustico, which pairs house-ground sausage with broccoli rabe and roasted garlic. Like everything we enjoyed, the restaurant has the ability to make these carb-heavy dishes somehow light and flavorful. After licking nearly every one of our plates clean (we took home just three slices of pizza. That I managed to finish off before the night was over!), we felt full, but not sickly-so.IMG_0525



The restaurant has only been open a few months, but they’re really, truly on their A-game. I heard a customer complain about a drink order (I know nothing about cocktails, but apparently they were given LIQUOR A when they were supposed to receive LIQUOR B, or something like that..). Nothing too earth-shattering, but the staff immediately fixed the issue.


From my visit and view, they seemed to really, really care about their customers’ experience. Something that, when paired with delicious food, makes for an excellent dining experience.


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